The Art and Science of Building a High Converting Donation Page

The design of a compelling donation page AKA the elements of a favor

  1. Being articulate: Tell the story not the summary
  1. A clean form that asks (only) the right questions: Very few of us like filling out forms. Make this mundane process easy for your donors by asking only for the important details. Infact, 2 in 3 donors trust organisations based on how their data is collected and handled. So keep your form crisp and transparent for best results!
  2. Multiple donation options: Give your donor the ability to choose the amount and how often they wish to contribute. If you’re raising funds for multiple campaigns, let your donor pick their favourite one. Assure them that they’re in complete control of the gesture they’re about to make. One pitfall here, though, is decision fatigue — limit the number of options to under 7 so your donor doesn’t feel overwhelmed.
  3. Multiple payment gateways: The explosion of Saas has led to a large number of payment processors. Ensure that your page supports at least widely used apps like PayPal, Google Pay, and Paytm.
  4. A prominent call-to-action: Make your donate button hard to miss. An actionable copy like “Donate now” or “Donate to help <your cause>” placed in a prominent space on your page should do the trick!
  • Offer a wide range of fields to choose from
  • Provide templates tailored to specific purposes
  • Integrate with a wide range of payment processing apps
  • Integrate into your page offering a seamless experience for the donor
  1. Strengthens your relationships with donors
  2. Boosts credibility in front of potential donors
  3. Offers social proof that your cause is indeed worthy of donations!

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Ritu Viswanathan

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